Racist, Corrupt – and Sheriff Fort Lauderdale Magazine

Sheriff Walter Clark was a liar, a friend to organized crime and a lawman who helped terrorize Broward’s black community.
Sheriff Walter Clark, who held the office of Broward County Sheriff almost continuously from 1931 to 1950, personified the seedy underbelly of law in Broward County as no one has before or since. He and his chief deputy, his brother Bob, were an insidious team. Among the indignities they inflicted on local black citizens was their practice of rounding up black men for vagrancy, then giving them a choice. The men could pay a $35 ticket (which most could not afford) or work it off picking vegetables until the fine was paid. The farmers working with the Clarks would credit the black workers a fraction of what was paid to whites, thus extending their sentences. Then the farmers would pay the Clarks $35.

A side note to Clark’s corruption is the lynching of Rubin Stacy: #RubinStacy was a homeless tenant farmer living in Florida. He was down on his luck and hungry when he approached the home of Marion Jones to ask for some food. But he was met with the screams and shrieks when Mrs. Jones answered the door. Jones’ family rushed to the sound of hearing the screams and grabbed and subdued Stacy. Jones claimed that Stacy had assaulted her with a knife. Stacy was turned over to the Dade County deputies.

While Stacy was being transported to jail by six Dade County deputies, a group of masked men overpowered the group and kidnapped him. It was later revealed that the kidnapping was merely a ruse; Chief Deputy Bob Clark and other deputies had staged the kidnapping so that the mob could take possession of their prisoner.

It should not surprise anyone that neither Clark brother was ever charged with crimes against Rubin Stacy. The thing that ultimately led to Walter Clark’s downfall as well as his brothers was not his treatment of blacks but his ties to organized crime.



Michelle Obama On International Womens Day Education

Developing the power of young women should be a top priority for both the United States and the rest of the world.

Michelle Obama Talks To R29 About The Power Of Girls’ Education

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And while we still often treat the education of girls worldwide as some far-flung impossible dream — a pursuit for people exclusively in faraway lands to worry about — the power of young women should be a top priority for both the United States and the rest of the world.

According to the United Nations, countries lose more than 1 billion dollars a year by failing to educate girls at the same level as boys.

And studies from the Brookings Institution report that just one extra year of secondary school can increase a girl’s future income by 10 to 20%.

It’s simple: A truly healthy and prosperous country is one where girls can learn.


At a white-tie media dinner, President Trump tries joking: ‘I like chaos’ – The Washington Post

I don’t know if this statement is 45 confession of liking to bring chaos or just 45 saying he experiences joy from chaos. I do know based upon 45 performance to date that he doesn’t respond or work well under chaos.