Infographic: The reality of violence against women

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Often, discussions about equality center around leaning in, or whether or not the glass ceiling has got cracks in it. But for many women, the focus is on surviving everyday violence, assault and rape — a daily struggle that plays a part in keeping a billion people locked into poverty. Gary Haugen (TED Talk: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now) shares five shocking stats he hopes might help us pay closer attention.

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1. In 2012, a woman died almost every hour in India in a dispute over a dowry. See this report from India’s National Crime Records Bureau.

2. In 2007, 48 women were raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo every hour. See “Estimates and Determinants of Sexual Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” by Amber Peterman et al, American Journal of Public Health, June 2011.

3. In 2000, 46.7% of…

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Can a black man talk about white culture? An open letter to critics

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African American writer Rich Benjamin spent two years living in — and writing about — America’s whitest neighborhoods. The response to his book (and TED Talk) was honest, raw — and sometimes misunderstood his purpose. Here, he responds to the response.

In 2007, I embarked on a two-year, 27,000-mile trip. My destination? The fastest-growing and whitest counties in America. I wanted to understand why communities in the United States are getting less diverse, and to explain why so many white-only communities are flourishing in 2015. What I discovered is riveting and sobering, compelling and ironic. In Whitopia, I saw a culture driven by conscious and unconscious bias; I learned that a country can have racism without racists.

Whitopia is a story-driven journey, a road trip of anthropology, with bold arguments and evidence and a cast of real-life characters I lived with for months at a time. The genre itself is…

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Kafkateach Does Math

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I think I may have just cracked the Rosetta Stone of Dade County’s future performance pay salary schedule. A few weeks back I wrote a blog about Miami Dade public school teachers facing a future of 1% pay increases on a performance pay schedule presented by the district.

To most people, the alphabetical based pay schedule looked like nothing more than alphabet soup and no one could make any sense out of it. Some were able to do basic math and realized there were now 56 steps to reach the top of the pay schedule, which barring a massive increase in Dade County teacher life expectancy, no one would ever reach the top of the salary schedule again. Then last week the “historic” contract presented an average 2% raise for most employees with only 19 steps to reach the top. Many teachers will receive a raise larger than…

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