The Couples (and Throuples and Quads) Out to Prove That Open Relationships Are More Normal Than You Think

The Couples (and Throuples and Quads) Out to Prove That Open Relationships Are More Normal Than You Think

“Non-Monogamy,” the first episode of a new six-part CBS documentary series called Speaking Frankly, sets out to prove that consensual non-monogamous relationships are more common than they seem. Alex and Bridget are just one couple (or throuple… or quad) that CBS interviewed for the project, which also features interviews with experts on sexuality, anthropology, and family law. Over the course of 22 minutes, the short doc dismantles the stereotype that non-monogamy is synonymous with adultery or a wild orgy.


Non-Monogamy” Available Now Across CBS News’ Digital Properties

Oct. 25, 2019 – Relationships between two people are complicated. But what happens when you add additional partners into the mix? For years, monogamy has dominated what society perceives as, and allows to be, “normal,” but in the modern era, those parameters are softening. According to a 2016 study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, one in five people have engaged in consensual non-monogamy at some point in their life. Individuals across the country are taking part in forms of non-monogamy as they feel more free to engage in relationship structures that work best for them.

The newest CBSN Originals documentary, “Non-Monogamy,” highlights individuals engaging in various forms of consensual non-monogamy including polyamory, a triad monogamous relationship, a polyfidelitous closed quad, and a committed couple dating outside of their marriage. As Dr. Elisabeth Sheff puts it, “I think of it almost like a menu, a relationship menu, and that serial monogamy is at the top of the menu, and probably the most popular dish that people order, but there’s all these other things that people can order now, and they are.”

Non-Monogamy” is the first episode in a new six-part CBSN Originals series titled “Speaking Frankly,” which will bring viewers into conversations on topics that are often seen as impolite or too controversial to fully discuss. The first installment of “Speaking Frankly” will tackle the ways we relate to one another in the modern world through first-person interviews on topics, from non-monogamous relationships to personal experiences with child marriage in America, to how pornography is warping perspectives on sex and relationships, to the unprecedented challenges of raising children in a rapidly changing world.

The documentary is available now across all CBS News digital properties including CBSN, CBS News’ 24/7 streaming network. The documentary will also stream on CBSN on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 8:00 PM, ET.


John B. King: Descendants of slaves and slave owners meet in Maryland – The Washington Post

In my retirement I’ve been researching family history. That makes stories like this one very important to me. My grandfathers were born in 1880 and 1906 so unless their parents were born after April 9, 1865 it’s possible their parents were enslaved. It turns out that on each side of my family tree my grandparents had a parent that had been born into enslavement. For me that means coming to grips with the fact that I am just 3 generations from being born into enslavement.

Two families — one black, one white — shared a harrowing history. Then they met.

Slavery unexpectedly connected the Kings and the Beckers.

John B. King Jr., education secretary for President Barack Obama, climbed up the wobbly ladder for a depressing glance at the sleeping quarters. But he quickly came down and crossed his arms, wondering about the people who lived in this cramped space more than 150 years earlier: His enslaved ancestors. Lydia King. Charles King. Anne King. So many Kings once lived here, on this Maryland farm, still owned by direct descendants of the slaveholder, Thomas Griffiths

A fitness influencer will serve nearly 5 years in jail for using 369 Instagram accounts to harass bodybuilding colleagues and allegedly faking her daughter’s kidnapping

In another case of being driven crazy from too much social media exposure we have the following…

  • Tammy Steffens, a fitness influencer, has been sentenced to nearly five years in federal jail after pleading guilty to charges of cyberstalking and sending threats to colleagues over Instagram.
  • Steffens created at least 369 Instagram accounts used to harass and threaten people, one of which she told she would “slice you up into little pieces.”
  • Authorities in Florida also allege that Steffen faked the attempted kidnapping of her 12-year-old daughter and tried to pin it on a former business partner

The Washington Post: Whistleblower painstakingly gathered material and almost single-handedly set impeachment in motion

This is a excellent example of how impactful the various other than intimate relationships we have people in our lives are. For me the key to this story is how all of these relationships intersected to create the perfect storm we are currently experiencing.

On another note I’m attempting not to make a value judgement regarding a Whistleblower. Whistleblowers are a necessity to keep those in power honest. That being said, some people have taken to characterizing the Whistleblower in this case as a spy. Although we don’t currently know the name of the Whistleblower one fact we do know is that the Whistleblower works for the CIA. As far as most people I know are concerned most people who work with the CIA are spies, it’s just the nature of their job.

Whistleblower defined as – a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.

From the moment he learned about President Trump’s attempts to extract political dirt on former vice president Joe Biden from the newly elected leader of Ukraine on July 25, the CIA officer behind the whistleblower report moved swiftly behind the scenes to assemble material from at least a half-dozen highly placed — and equally dismayed — U.S. officials.

Dr. Jen Gunter Is Fighting Misinformation in Reproductive Health | Bitch Media

Stop Steaming Your Vagina and Other Wisdom from Dr. Jen Gunter

Taking care of your gynecological health often requires wading through misinformation and stigma to find answers: What’s causing my pain? What are the side effects of this medicine? Will this treatment work? What happens if it doesn’t? Jennifer Gunter is a doctor with answers. Gunter, the Gray Lady’s ob-gyn-in-residence, is known for her bluntness in taking on the wellness-industrial complex—reminding you not to steam your vagina or put a jade egg up there. She comes at issues often complicated by junk science with precision and candor. Her new book is no exception.

Slavery’s history in America: Routes show how slave trade grew

The early 1600s was a time of war and empire-building in Southwest Africa; Portuguese traders under the rule of the king of Spain had established the colony of Angola. The exporting of slaves to the Spanish New World was a profitable enterprise. The Portuguese waged war against the kingdoms of Ndongo and Kongo to the north, capturing and deporting thousands of men and women. They passed through a slave fortress at the port city of Luanda, still Angola’s capital.

John Rolfe, Virginia’s first tobacco planter and husband of the Indian princess Pocahontas, wrote the widely held account of the African landing in a letter to the Virginia Company of London. The captain of a Dutch warship that arrived in Jamestown in August 1619 “brought not any thing but 20 and odd Negroes, wch the Governor and Cape Marchant bought for victuale . . . at the best and easyest rate they could.” Rolfe explained that the ship and another called the Treasurer had embarked from the West Indies.

{Mystery of Va.’s First Slaves Is Unlocked 400 Years Later }

Just over a decade after the Virginia Colony was settled, a ship — the San Juan Bautista — set sail from Angola with an estimated 350 kidnapped Africans aboard. It was bound for Mexico as part of the burgeoning Atlantic slave trade.

A twist of fate ended this torturous journey on the colony’s shores for more than 20 of the Bautista’s enslaved Angolans. Their landing would presage a trade and industry built on African labor that would reach a staggering scale in the United States over 200 years.

Imagine being torn from your weeping family as a result of ethnic warfare… forced to walk hundreds of miles until you reach the sea on the West African side of the Atlantic Ocean. You are stripped of your name, your identity, of every right a human being deserves. The European ship that you are forced to board, is headed across the Atlantic to Caribbean and South American plantations, a voyage through the awful “middle passage”. A multitude of black people of every description chained together, with scarcely room to turn, traveling for months, seasick, surrounded by the filth of vomit-filled tubs, into which children often fell, some suffocating. The shrieks of the women, and the groans of the dying renders the whole scene of horror almost inconceivable. Death and disease are all around and only one in six will survive this journey and the brutal, backbreaking labour that follows…

The transatlantic slave trade persisted for four centuries.

Huge numbers of people died being marched to the coasts of Africa from the interior as well as in an endless series of wars produced by the quest for new slaves. Millions more would die in concentration camps at both ends of the sea journey and significant numbers would die due to the appalling conditions on the slave ships.


The estimate of the number killed during the transatlantic slave trade varies anywhere between 6-150 million.

Epstein Death Conspiracies Challenge Facts of the Case – The Atlantic

Why Conspiracy Theorists Will Never Believe the ‘Official’ Epstein Story

Meet Jeffrey Epstein’s gang of accused slave ‘recruiters’

Unsealed documents show allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and his inner circle

Epstein case spotlights why it’s so hard to prosecute sex crimes

While high profile cases can teach us a lot about how our criminal justice system responds to sexual assault allegations, they also threaten to obscure the run-of-the-mill problems that sexual violence survivors face everyday. It would be a mistake to think that Epstein’s alleged victims have for years been denied real justice only because he is wealthy, or because he is exceedingly well-connected, or because friends with influence apparently shielded his misdeeds for over a decade.

The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history | Ancient Origins

It should surprise no one that the leadership of early 20th century Germany choose an ancient symbol with a positive message to use as the symbol of their cause. Sure time and defeat has determined that their quest was no more than another example of xenophobic genocide but to them it was a noble cause to restore them to their previous greatness.

But again why should their use of an ancient symbol be of no surprise; because throughout their history European Crusaders Conquerors Colonizers have long appropriated historically significant symbols, languages and knowledge (that which they could understand) into their culture and destroyed that of which they could not understand.

The swastika is a symbol that was used in the 20 thcentury by of one of the most hated men ever to have lived, a symbol that now represents the slaughter of millions of people and one of the most destructive wars on Earth. But Adolf Hitler was not the first to use this symbol. In fact, it was used as a positive and powerful symbol thousands of years before him, across many cultures and continents.


Ralph Northam and the Myth of the ‘Loyal Slave’ – The Atlantic

The governor’s yearbook picture, like many images before it, reinforces the belief that blacks are content in their oppression.

The Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery, dedicated in 1914, features a bronze tableau of Confederate soldiers marching off to war, including a young black man wearing a uniform and kepi. Colonel Hilary Herbert, who chaired the executive committee of the association responsible for the monument, described this scene as “illustrating the kindly relations that existed all over the South between the master and slave.”

More recently, the myth of loyalty took on a different form: The camp slaves weren’t camp slaves at all, some claimed, but actual soldiers who took up arms against the Union.

‘Asians & Jews Who Think They’re Black’: Ann Coulter Goes on Tirade After Report Detailing Racism Promoted by ICE Official

Just in time for #BlackHistory365 we have #WhitePrivilege defining #Racism for our viewing pleasure. Being that Coulter was born within 3 years of me and as such grew up during the exact time frame that I grew up; I always find it interesting to hear her lastest conservative rants.

{For background I should tell you that I grew up in a red district so that means many of my friends from high school are now red voters and supporters. For myself, I wish there were more choices than the two because I don’t want to be allied with either but since that’s not yet the case I registered blue.}

The reason I emphasize that Coulter grew up during the same time frame as I did is to highlight the fact that we grew up in two different U.S. of Americas. Coulter grew up being sold the propaganda of the self-made white man/immigrant pulling himself up above his humble circumstances. While I grew up under the circumstances of trying to overcome the shackles of my family’s previous enslavement. The housing neighborhood were I grew up was dubbed “The Quarters” by the whites of my home town because the only employment opportunities majority of my grandparents generation had was working in/for the white households.

While I won’t go into any of the articles posted here I will submit that Coulter’s grasp of what is or isn’t racist is one common to many white conservatives whom find it much easier to continue to consider themselves Christian if their view of racism is very narrow.

Coulter wrote: “Instead of banning wool face masks, let’s do something useful, like recalling that civil rights laws are only for the descendants of American slaves.”

ICE senior adviser Jon Feere is an Ann Coulter superfan who loves her racist immigration writings

Ann Coulter Attacks Asian Reporter on Twitter Because Apparently Asians Can’t Talk About Racism

This time, Coulter is drawing backlash for going after the Asian American communities following a series of tweets where she attacked Media Matters reporter Eric Hananoki after he published a piece detailing the problematic nature of Jon Feere — a senior official for ICE — celebrating her racist anti-immigration and islamophobic commentary.