Which mothers count on Mother’s Day?

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Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day in the United States.

For weeks, florists, chain restaurants, and greeting card purveyors have been inviting us to celebrate the occasion by buying things to honor our biological, adopted, in-law, “spiritual,” or any other people we call mothers. Those who profit financially from Mother’s Day remind us to celebrate maternity and femininity — often depicted as a nurturing and caring white mother who put her life on hold to raise her babies — but day after day, I watch many mothers grieve the loss of their children to the strangleholds and bullets of police officers, and I keep coming around to the question: Which mothers count on Mother’s Day?

The origins of Mother’s Day start with 19th-century abolitionism and feminism, with white abolitionist Julia Ward Howe calling for a “Mother’s Peace Day” in the 1870s. In the first decade of the 20th century, Anna Jarvis, another…

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OWN Launches Digital Series ‘Who Am I,’ Developed with YouTube Space LA

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The Oprah Winfrey Network is expanding its original programming into the digital space, the network announced Thursday. The net will premiere web series “Who Am I” on the newly re-launched Oprah.com as well as youtube.com/own.

The series launches today with two episodes, with new two to three minute episodes rolling out every Thursday.

“Who Am I” delves into the concept of self-identity and what it means to look within oneself for insight on a daily basis. An interview series, the show will feature celebrity guests sharing qualities that define who they are, and investigates the positivity that can be drawn from knowing oneself. “Who Am I” seeks to create a communal experience for its audience. Guests include Nicole Richie, Brandy, Michelle Phan, Randy Jackson, Vivica A. Fox and more.

“‘Who Am I,’ marks OWN’s continued development of new media ideas and provides an enhanced viewing experience that connects with our audience wherever they are,”…

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1 in 4 U.S. Renters Use Half of Income to Pay for Housing

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(WASHINGTON)—More than one in four U.S. renters have to use at least half their family income to pay for housing and utilities.

That’s the finding of an analysis of Census data by Enterprise Community Partners, a nonprofit that helps finance affordable housing. The number of such households has jumped 26 percent to 11.25 million since 2007.

Since the end of 2010, rental prices have surged at nearly twice the pace of average hourly wages, according to data from the real estate firm Zillow and the Labor Department.

“It means making really difficult trade-offs,” said Angela Boyd, a vice president at Enterprise Community Partners. “There are daily financial dilemmas about making their rent or buying groceries.”

The crisis reflects one of the shortcomings of the recovery from the Great Recession: Income has failed to match rent increases. At the same time, construction has failed to keep pace with demand from renters…

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What trans people of color fear after the Bruce Jenner media circus

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[fusion-lede ]The problem regarding Bruce Jenner’s situation is the media circus that it all culminates into. It’s all a freakshow for cisgender and non-transgender people. [/fusion-lede]

The painful reality is that our gender identity is under speculation, suspicion, doubt, and policing. But the current curiosity surrounding Jenner’s interview in the non-trans community creates a magical fantasy based on a very wealthy, able-bodied, American, and white experience that isn’t the case for many of us who struggle for survival and justice as transgender people of color.

The author of this story Kay Ulanday Barrett seen at a Trans Day of Action event wearing a sign that reads “Brown, trans, disabled, liberation now.” (Photo: Sabelo Narasimhan) The author of this story, Kay Ulanday Barrett, seen at a Trans Day of Action event wearing a sign that reads “Brown, trans, disabled, liberation now.” (Photo: Sabelo Narasimhan)

The emphasis on Jenner’s announcement focuses on a limited portrayal of transgender lives; there isn’t one exceptional experience, but a plethora of pathways to be trans. I wanted to celebrate these different paths by interviewing two…

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University of Florida Suspends Fraternity Over Alleged Insults to Disabled Veterans

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The University of Florida suspended one of its fraternities on Friday, after several fraternity members were accused of disrespecting wounded military veterans during an event at a Panama City Beach resort last weekend.

Members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, which was already on probation for hazing during the fall semester, are accused of spitting on veterans, throwing bottles of beer over a balcony and urinating on the American flag, according to a letter sent to University of Florida President Kent Fuchs, the Gainesville Sun reports.

University officials said the chapter was accused of a series of offenses, including obscene behavior, public intoxication, theft, damage to property and physical harm. The fraternity will be suspended from participating in all university activities until the investigation has concluded.

“I am personally offended and disappointed by the behavior that has been described to me,” said student affairs vice president Dave Kratzer, also a…

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Can Biogen beat the memory thief?

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Even before Jeffrey Sevigny stepped to the podium, it was clear that something momentous had occurred in the world of Alzheimer’s research. Before Biogen’s senior medical director for clinical development could click on the first slide of his PowerPoint deck, tens of billions of biotech investment dollars had already been wagered on what his presentation would say.

The day before Sevigny’s March 20 talk at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, analysts at Credit Suisse Group—following buoyant reports by Barclays, Citigroup, and RBC Capital—projected that Biogen’s stock would soar to $500 a share, up from the $400 target they had estimated less than two months earlier. Shares of the Cambridge, Mass., drugmaker, then trading at $428, were already up 41% from early December, when the company teased investors with findings about its investigative Alzheimer’s drug, aducanumab, the details of which Sevigny would share fully…

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