The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history | Ancient Origins

It should surprise no one that the leadership of early 20th century Germany choose an ancient symbol with a positive message to use as the symbol of their cause. Sure time and defeat has determined that their quest was no more than another example of xenophobic genocide but to them it was a noble cause to restore them to their previous greatness.

But again why should their use of an ancient symbol be of no surprise; because throughout their history European Crusaders Conquerors Colonizers have long appropriated historically significant symbols, languages and knowledge (that which they could understand) into their culture and destroyed that of which they could not understand.

The swastika is a symbol that was used in the 20 thcentury by of one of the most hated men ever to have lived, a symbol that now represents the slaughter of millions of people and one of the most destructive wars on Earth. But Adolf Hitler was not the first to use this symbol. In fact, it was used as a positive and powerful symbol thousands of years before him, across many cultures and continents.



Ralph Northam and the Myth of the ‘Loyal Slave’ – The Atlantic

The governor’s yearbook picture, like many images before it, reinforces the belief that blacks are content in their oppression.

The Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery, dedicated in 1914, features a bronze tableau of Confederate soldiers marching off to war, including a young black man wearing a uniform and kepi. Colonel Hilary Herbert, who chaired the executive committee of the association responsible for the monument, described this scene as “illustrating the kindly relations that existed all over the South between the master and slave.”

More recently, the myth of loyalty took on a different form: The camp slaves weren’t camp slaves at all, some claimed, but actual soldiers who took up arms against the Union.

‘Asians & Jews Who Think They’re Black’: Ann Coulter Goes on Tirade After Report Detailing Racism Promoted by ICE Official

Just in time for #BlackHistory365 we have #WhitePrivilege defining #Racism for our viewing pleasure. Being that Coulter was born within 3 years of me and as such grew up during the exact time frame that I grew up; I always find it interesting to hear her lastest conservative rants.

{For background I should tell you that I grew up in a red district so that means many of my friends from high school are now red voters and supporters. For myself, I wish there were more choices than the two because I don’t want to be allied with either but since that’s not yet the case I registered blue.}

The reason I emphasize that Coulter grew up during the same time frame as I did is to highlight the fact that we grew up in two different U.S. of Americas. Coulter grew up being sold the propaganda of the self-made white man/immigrant pulling himself up above his humble circumstances. While I grew up under the circumstances of trying to overcome the shackles of my family’s previous enslavement. The housing neighborhood were I grew up was dubbed “The Quarters” by the whites of my home town because the only employment opportunities majority of my grandparents generation had was working in/for the white households.

While I won’t go into any of the articles posted here I will submit that Coulter’s grasp of what is or isn’t racist is one common to many white conservatives whom find it much easier to continue to consider themselves Christian if their view of racism is very narrow.

Coulter wrote: “Instead of banning wool face masks, let’s do something useful, like recalling that civil rights laws are only for the descendants of American slaves.”

ICE senior adviser Jon Feere is an Ann Coulter superfan who loves her racist immigration writings

Ann Coulter Attacks Asian Reporter on Twitter Because Apparently Asians Can’t Talk About Racism

This time, Coulter is drawing backlash for going after the Asian American communities following a series of tweets where she attacked Media Matters reporter Eric Hananoki after he published a piece detailing the problematic nature of Jon Feere — a senior official for ICE — celebrating her racist anti-immigration and islamophobic commentary.

Different Times, Different Troubles (Same Song) | Music 345: Race, Identity, and Representation in American Music


#Development #Justice #Recognition

For today’s #BlackHistory365 I once again will use a blog post of a student at St. Olaf College as the spring board. This particular blog post addresses the question of who are allowed to sing #SlaveSpirituals #BlackSpirituals as well as the question of the sacred nature of the tone and arrangement of the song.

In my many years on this Earth I have had the pleasure of attending a many choral concerts just to listen to Black Spirituals. I have also had the pleasure of listening to musical interpretation of Black Spirituals from artists utilizing classical instruments such as the harp and violin.

That being said, in this international audience are Black Spirituals open to the whole wide world where suffering is acknowledge on every continent and in every culture. I say yes, as long as they acknowledge the people whose suffering the songs represent. You might not agree but that’s okay read this student’s blog, other St. Olaf College students blogs and see how you feel afterwards.

A smiley performance of such music seems inappropriate. People today cannot properly fathom the hardships that slaves endured back then, so for anyone other than slaves to sing these songs does not feel right. However, Burleigh might argue that spirituals transcend the history. The music can mean a lot to a lot of people, even if for different reasons.

When Europeans Colonized the Americas, They Killed So Many #IndigenousPeople That the Earth’s Climate Cooled – Mother Jones

There’s just so much pain and misery in this headline that is hard to unpack it all. The only point that I will make is that these hate driven covetousness (which is idolatry) murders lead not just to the devastation of a large part the human race but also too unimaginable catastrophic devastation upon the Earth, where we all reside.

The killing of around 56 million people by 1600 indirectly contributed to a colder period, new research shows.

Mamie Smith | Music 345: Race, Identity, and Representation in American Music

As part of the #BlackHistory365 I wanted to look back to the history of the exploration of blacks in the music industry to make money for white companies. Sure, today no one in this country doubts the fact that the #AfricanDiaspora musical tradition is the foundation of 98.99% of what is considered the sound (various genres) of music in the U. S. of A. but that wasn’t always the case. Back in the early 20th century their wasn’t a black presence in the newly developing musical recording industry.

This all changed with the commercial music success, (the black dollar at work), of the song recording of “Crazy Blues” by Mamie Smith. Although historically significant and groundbreaking, this recording was also controversial as Ms Smith wasn’t a Southern Blues Singer. But that’s all I’ll say on that other than to highlight the #NPR recording of a panel discussion talking about the song included with these articles and other recordings.

Author Forced to Cancel Fantasy Novel About Enslaved Princess: A Black Person Needs to Write This – Pluralist

As a writer and reader I abhor all forms of censorship. As a member of the #AfricanDisapora I equally abhor #WhitePrivileged individuals writing stories of happy go lucky carefree enslaved people who are satisfied with their lot in life or childlike enslaved people who need the superior benevolent white individuals to manage every aspect of their lives for them.

That said I understand that many cultures of people have endured enslavement just as enslavement has come in many forms over the centuries. Specifically, I can’t overstate the fact that the African Diaspora is not the only group to have endured enslavement or that even in this year, 2019, that there are still groups/cultures on this Earth that are living under some form of enslavement.

Because of this I can only state that I wish #AmélieWenZhao would reconsider pulling her book from publication. The enslavement of the African Diaspora is a historic fact and as we learned from the publication of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ sometimes great good can come from authors writing about racially/culturally weighed topics that are outside their culture.

I would suggest that Zhao and her publishing company solicit African Diaspora writers and readers to read her novel and not weigh the novel for African Diaspora racial or cultural sensitivity regarding enslavement but to read the novel with regards to the enslavement of any culture or group of people. I suggest this because 1) I sincerely doubt that half of the individuals who spoke out emotionally about the book have had the opportunity to read the entire book 2) I have read other novels that have had aspects of enslavement in them that initially offended me but after further reading captivated me with the depth and scope of the work. 3) While I am hopeful that we, as the human race, will grow to the point in the future where no individuals are enslaved I don’t doubt that as soon as we enter into space and meet new species that the cycle of enslavement will start once again. 4) Lastly, I would hope that no one would ever have the audacity to tell me that I was unable to write a male, white, urban, bisexual, historic, disabled, cyborg, Jewish, tween etc character because I wasn’t of that particular culture. That’s why we as authors conduct research and how we utilize our imaginations.

#RepresentationMatters and it matters that #AsianAuthors are allowed to tell their cultural experiences in any manner that they want not just the ways that are acceptable to others.

“Blood Heir “takes place in a fictional Cyrilian empire where a group of powerful people called Affinites are feared and enslaved. Amélie Wen Zhao, the author, framed the novel as a call for social justice informed by her own immigrant story. Born in Paris and raised in a multicultural community in Beijing, she emigrated from China when she was 18 years old, according to her website.

Mercy Mistress: life through a queer and kinky (Asian?) lens | April Magazine

Being a person with common sense as well as a member of the African Diaspora I know that “Asian Sex” is a myth similar to “Black Sex.”

We are talking about the two largest continents on Earth plus related islands. It is impossible, with such large land masses and populations, that the people would all have the same sexual attitudes, morals, fetishes, taboos, etc… That being said it bring to question how did these sexual stereotypes form. As far as my research can tell these stereotypes are the result European missionaries, explorers, diplomats, military personnel, etc.. fetishising, misunderstanding and/or out right biases against sexual attitudes and practices different (foreign) to their own cultures. This is coupled with these Europeans limited exposure to people from across all religious, ethnic and tribal groups on these continents. Not proven but also suggested is that some of the these initial stereotypes might be the result of fabricated stories of sexual conquest (male bragging) or romanticizing #RapeCulture.

It’s because of this history that I am pleased to hear about the series “Mercy Mistress.” Because, to my knowledge, this is the first series that allows Asian women to define their own sexuality.

Cho, actor Poppy Liu, and Yin Q, the BDSM master whose memoir serves as the inspiration for the show, stopped by BuzzFeed News’ morning show AM to DM on Monday to chat about the series with reporter Hayes Brown.


Yin Q is a BDSM educator, ritualist, and creator/writer of Mercy Mistress. Their writing can be found in BUST, Chance Magazine, A Womens Thing, Afro-Asia, Apogee Journal, and various other online sites that promote sex positive, pro-feminist work. Yin Q has been a sex work activist for over two decades with the strong belief that when we decriminalize and uplift the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, we assure the safety of all. Follow on IG and FB.

Margaret Cho Hopes The BDSM Web Series She’s Producing Shatters Stereotypes About Asian Women’s Sexuality

“[The] one way we as Asian women have been able to have agency and control of the narrative [is] that we have to assume these tropes like Dragon Lady, like the Lotus Blossom, like the Delicate Flower,” Cho said.

Yes, the MAGA Hat-Wearing Students Are Teenagers. That Doesn’t Exempt Them From Responsibility.

2 Sides 2 Every Story but in this case there are three sides:

I have read the majority of the articles relating to the events at the Lincoln Monument and I have come to the conclusion that the people to blame for the negative situation that went viral were the organizers and chaperones of the field trip from Covington Catholic High School. I state this as an educator and volunteer organizer that has taken children and teens on field trips. You see the first thing organizers of field trips do is establish rules and regulations that are used to ensure that the students know 1) the field trip is for learning, 2) you can have a good time but must not forget individual and group safety. 3) a dress code would be enforced.

Therefore it was extremely bad judgement on the part of the Covington Catholic adults to allow the students to have/wear “MAGA” paraphernalia. (Given that the “MAGA” slogan has been used by #WhitePrivileged individuals to harass People of Color Nationwide.

Secondly, for the safety of the group the teens would not have been allowed to start chanting, make noise to overwhelm other groups speeches. We have all seen videos of how quickly marches can deteriorate into violence so there’s no way that the chaperones should have allowed the students to attempt to drown out other speakers.

Lastly, once it became obvious that the students had begun to interact with others groups the chaperones didn’t remove the students away from that area specific of Lincoln Monument to a safe area away from the conflict. I think this is the most important point. Especially as we don’t see or recognize any adult with the students of Covington Catholic. This says to me that the chaperones are either away from the group and not watching the students or purposefully allowed the conflict to grow.


A new video shows a different side of the encounter between a Native American elder and teens in MAGA hats

I would now like to take time to address the students statement regarding their actions. While he has stated that has didn’t provoke the situation and asserted that he was attempting to defuse the situation I disagree. 1) His hat is a symbol for #WhiteSuperiorty and racial intolerance yet he wore it knowing that he would be running into diverse groups of people on the field trip 2) You don’t defuse a situation by becoming louder than others. Instead of asking to move to another area he determine to out loud them 3) As an educator and adult I know that engaging in a staring match with another person can only escalate a situation. And a child/teen engaging in a staring match with an adult is disrespectful. So every behavior the teenager engaged in was used to provoke a negative response from the other groups.

Teen in confrontation with Native American: I didn’t provoke

Black Muslims’ to blame for high school students’ confrontation with Native American man, mother claims

Parent claims musician ‘drummed in [boy’s] face’ while ‘black Muslims yelled profanities’

Hebrew Israelite activists Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan
In a lengthy video posted to YouTube, the Hebrew Israelite activists shouted insults at Native Americans and the high school students. One of the activists, Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan, denied in a Facebook video that his group had been instigators.

The Future Abortionists of America – Youth, Now – Medium

Just as much as I feel that all students in the USA should receive a comprehensive Human Sexuality and Reproduction Education I feel that this education program should include a discussion on the causes of termination of pregnancy both natural and induced as well as the racial divide of the maternal deaths. My reasoning for this is that the subgroup of which I belong, #AfricanDiaspora women, have a greater risk of dieing during childbirth than others.

The French Open will no longer allow Serena Williams to wear the ‘Black Panther’-style catsuit that made Serena Williams feel like a ‘warrior princess,’ and also helped prevent blood clots.
  • The black catsuit Serena Williams wore during the French Open has reportedly been banned.
  • The outfit was a medical necessity for Williams to help prevent blood clots.
  • Williams also said during the French Open that the outfit made her feel like a Warrior Princess.
  • Bernard Giudicelli, the president of the French Tennis Federation, said the outfit would no longer be accepted because “you have to respect the game and the place.”
  • Nike responded to the controversial ban with a perfect response emphasizing that it is not the outfit that gives Serena her superpowers.

Serena Williams Will Be Able To Bring Back The Catsuit In 2019

She’ll be allowed to rock the suit at Women’s Tennis Association matches, though it may still be barred from the French Open.

There will be less outrage if Serena Williams decides to wear a catsuit at a tennis tournament in 2019. The Women’s Tennis Association released its rule changes Tuesday, December 11, 2018, and made sure to add a line addressing acceptable apparel.

{The big insult (to me) is that a #WhitePrivilegedMale had the audacity to ban a medically necessary style of clothing for a #StrongBlackWoman because #SerenaWilliams wore it and looked feirce and intimidating in the outfit. I know that the French Tennis Open is an independent organization and as such doesn’t have to follow the American’s with Disabilities Act but this is unquestionably an example of #InstitutionalizedRacism because it in effect suggests that this male would rather her die or not work for his organization than to wear the medically necessary outfit to her job.}

Black women in US are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy, delivery than white women

Racial divide in maternal deaths has persisted for decades

This Mother’s Last

Words Before She And Her Unborn Baby Died Will Haunt You

Nothing Protects Black Women From Dying in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Not education. Not income. Not even being an expert on racial disparities in health care.

Shalon Irving’s history is almost a textbook example of the kinds of strains and stresses that make high-achieving black women vulnerable to poor health.

For years she had been suffering from uterine fibroids — nonmalignant tumors that affect up to 80 percent of black women, leading to heavy menstrual bleeding, anemia and pelvic pain. No one knows what causes fibroids or why blacks are so susceptible. What is known is that the tumors can interfere with fertility — indeed, black women are nearly twice as likely to have infertility problems as whites, and when they undergo treatment, there’s much less likelihoodthat the treatments will succeed. Surgery bought her a little time, but her OB/GYN urged her not to delay getting pregnant much longer.

The USA medical systems are still haunted the enslavement of the African Diaspora

Author Harriet Washington

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

This book, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, is a groundbreaking history of involuntary and unethical medical experimentation on African Americans from the time of slavery to the present.

“[Washington] begins her shocking history in the colonial period, when owners would hire out or sell slaves to physicians for use as guinea pigs in medical experiments… The most notorious case here may be the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which about 600 syphilitic men were left untreated by the U.S. Public Health Service so it could study the progression of the disease…”

— Kirkus Reviews

Harriet Washington writes:
Twice as many African American babies as babies of other ethnic groups die before their first birthday. One and half times as many African American adults as white adults die every year. Blacks have dramatically higher rates of nearly every cancer, of AIDS, of heart disease, of diabetes, of liver disease, of infectious diseases, and they even suffer from higher rates of accidental death, homicide, and mental illness… But in dissecting this shameful medical apartheid, an important cause is usually neglected: the history of ethically flawed medical experimentation with African Americans….”

As an internationally known non-profit with a successful track record for change, Medical Students for Choice® (MSFC) stands up in the face of violent opposition. We work to destigmatize abortion provision among medical students and residents, and to persuade medical schools and residency programs to include abortion as a part of the reproductive health services curriculum.

Today one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion around the world is the absence of trained providers. Medical schools are simply not addressing the topic; most physicians graduate with little more than circumstantial knowledge of abortion. As medical students and residents, we work to make reproductive health care, including abortion, a part of standard medical education and residency training.

“We’ve been put on the periphery of medicine because we do the dirty work.”