Jerry Jones dismisses allegations from Ezekiel Elliott’s accuser | ProFootballTalk

Not surprising. Jones is of a generation that either attempted a cover-up, paid off the victim, or took the male’s side truth be damned. But let’s be honest and admit that professional football as well as the majority of male dominated sports, organizations/professions and the military all have the same boys club (boys will be boys) mentality that blames women for provoking men and becoming victims or suggest that the woman either exaggerated or lies about the incident.

TIME Cover Brands Donald Trump Jr. Caught ‘Red Handed’

To be honest, most of us learn our code of conduct, morals and values from our parents. It’s either because we hold our parents in esteem and want to be like them when we grow up or because we hold them in antipathy and want to be nothing like them. Given the apparent power dynamic in 45ths treatment of his ex-wives as well as his obvious disdain for women in general as well as men he perceives as less powerful than himself it is not surprising that a male child would want to become like him especially if that meant control over some business enterprises.