Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Writes Letter Apologizing to His Patients

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Sorry isn’t going to make up for all the deaths that result

Originally posted on TIME:

The Minnesota dentist who is the target of international outrage for killing a beloved lion in Zimbabwe wrote a letter to his patients this week apologizing for any inconvenience the media attention has caused.

Dr. Walter Palmer lured Cecil the lion with a dead animal attached to a car during a hunting trip with guides. The lion was shot with a bow and arrow and then a gun before he was beheaded and skinned. In the letter, published by Fox 9, Palmer explains that he had no idea the lion was part of a study and that he will cooperate with U.S. and Zimbabwean authorities.

Here is the letter’s full text:

To my valued patients: As you may have already heard, I have been in the news over the last few days for reasons that have nothing to do with my profession or the care I provide for…

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How virtual reality could change porn for the better

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Originally posted on Fortune:

You know who the real “early adopters” are, right? The porn industry. Adult content companies have led the tech charge since the 1990s: Porn companies were, among other things, some of the first to deliver content via Internet and to process online payments.

So, with virtual reality quickly becoming one of the hottest areas in technology, it’s not surprising that porn is already using the new medium to its full advantage. After all, immersing the viewer into the closest possible thing to an actual sex act sounds appealing. But for me, the real issue is whose hands this technology lands in.

As with all aspects of the mainstream porn industry, when virtual reality technology is used by the usual people, it creates the same repetitive, boring adult content we’ve seen for years. It’s still just mechanical sex made by men, for men: gynecological shots, fake orgasms, tacky costumes and…

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Netflix’s CEO just revealed the most important issue for Internet TV

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Originally posted on Fortune:

Netflix has no immediate plans to raise prices for U.S. subscribers, and will instead seek to lift profits by encouraging customers to upgrade to streaming that comes with better resolution. Meanwhile, the company plans to beef up its film library by adding new movies from Disney and by releasing more homegrown shows like the upcoming Narcos.

Those are some of the strategic insights shared by Netflix [fortune-stock symbol=”NFLX”] executives on a conference call following followed the release on Wednesday of its surprisingly buoyant second quarter earnings.

During the 45-minute discussion, which was broadcast on YouTube, the company also repeated its mantra that it “wants to get like HBO before they get like Netflix.” Translation: Netflix wants to master the content-production game before its rival can match it wide reach.

But the most significant moment came when CEO Reed Hastings explained the company’s decision to support a big cable…

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Why Netflix Is Backing This Huge Cable Merger

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Originally posted on TIME:

A proposed $55 billion merger between cable companies Charter and Time Warner Cable has a perhaps surprising ally: Netflix.

Netflix was a vocal opponent of last year’s proposed merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast. But the streaming movie company on Wednesday pledged its support for the potential hook-up between Time Warner Cable and Charter through an FCC filing. Netflix’s bonhomie towards the new deal revolves around an issue Netflix has been crowing about for months: Interconnection, or a physical link between a network belonging to a carrier (like Charter or TWC) and that of a content provider (like Netflix).

Put simply, such interconnection agreements can help ensure bandwidth-intensive services like online video can be smoothly delivered to users’ devices without the horror of buffering. But they’ve become a matter of contention. Last year, Comcast got into a public spat with Netflix after it made the unprecedented demand that…

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It’s Really Not All In My Head I’m Just Not Superwoman

Originally posted on 50mylifeafter:

While I have the utmost respect for all my doctors the fact that I have so many doctors means that I will eventually be asked if it’s all in my mind. (If I’m having emotional concerns.) There is a log history of doctors assuming that a woman’s medical complaints are all in her mind.


Hysterical was originally defined as a neurotic condition peculiar to women caused by a dysfunction of the uterus. The common treatment for most female complaints was for the doctor to induce a Hysterical Paroxysm (an Orgasm). It’s interesting that vibrators were invented because the manual process was too time consuming.

But back to my doctor’s appointment. While my doctor has my history and knows that I have some serious medical conditions I still get treated like my symptoms must be emotional or all in my head. Some doctors, including my doctor, seem to feel that an…

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