Faces of Hope: Cory Carter Beats the Odds and Gets a Dad

Some people are born with a family others make a family with bonds of love.

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Next time you think about giving up, remember Cory Carter.

Carter grew up in over 26 foster homes. And yet Carter has graduated from college, has a good job, lives in his first apartment and finally–just last year at the age of 26, he was adopted.

“I have no recollection of being with my birth family,” said Carter, who only knew he was born in Tampa and had at least three sisters. “My mom was a drug addict and had a lot of problems.

“I only saw my mom two times. The first time was after I got a call from a hospice. I didn’t even know what a hospice was. I was 17 and had just graduated from high school.”

At the hospice, a nurse told him it was his mother’s “dying wish” to see him. “She looked like a bag of bones. She was dying from two kinds…

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