Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on the Parent PLUS Loan

With many student’s graduating from high school in the next few weeks the question of how to pay for that education is very important to us all.

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Roland Martin talks with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about the Parent PLUS Loan Program which forced thousands of students to discontinue their education because they were not able receive the loan, despite receiving it previously. Read the full interview below.

If you were affected by the loan program, please call 1-800-557-7394 or visit


TOM JOYNER :   From our Washington, D.C. studios, Roland Martin, good morning.

ROLAND MARTIN:  Ascot Nation, baby.  Good morning, good morning, Tom.  Good morning.  A couple of days ago we talked about the Pair Plus Student Loan Program with Johnny Taylor, Head of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and of course, lots of parents, HBCU parents, have been talking about this as well, Text Tom Club as well, and so this morning we are talking with Education Secretary Arne Duncan about this program, the changes that were made to…

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