More Cops in Schools? Be Careful What You Ask For

This is something to think about but as someone working in the schools for the last 25 year, yes we need more and better trained police in the schools.

Black America Web

Ever since Adam Lanza, egged on by insanity and an itchy trigger finger, slaughtered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. last December, the National Rifle Association and frightened parents have been calling for more police officers in schools.

I say be careful what you ask for.

I say be careful what you ask for because, more than likely, what you won’t get are police catching students with guns, but police causing more students, especially more black students, to be caught up in the court system for minor infractions that could be resolved in the principal’s office.

I say be careful what you ask for, because now that incarceration has become profitable as well as punitive, once in court, more students risk finding themselves before a judge like Mark Ciavarella Jr.

I got to thinking about Ciavarella, a Pennsylvania judge who in 2011…

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