Canadian Judge Robin Camp to woman in rape case: ‘Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together’ –

This is why we need comprehensive sex education to include consent and what is rape. These classes should be mandatory for not just for middle schools, high schools and colleges/universities but for all those in law enforcement agencies, social services agencies and the  justice system to include judges. Since so many men and some women think rape is caused by something that the woman did or didn’t do, something she had on or didn’t have own, that the woman shouldn’t mind one more man because of her past sexual behavior, and because the media has supported the get her drunk/high to loosen her up philosophy it is time for a chick in the way we define and address rape and consent.


Author: patriciaange

Middle child. Misunderstood. Odd. And maybe even strange. A reader, writer, thinker with a voracious appetite for the written word, spoken word and now digital word. A lifelong learner I am passionate about the study of sex, religion and relationships. No topic is taboo.

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