Why America’s Incarcerated Have Launched the Largest Prison Strike in Recent History | Alternet

When incarceration leads to an almost entirely free workforce what incentive is there to decrease the number of people incarcerated. This is a form of slavery where the slave is also charged for room and board. If America has progressed to the point that women are not only allowed to vote but that a woman could be nominated for the highest political office in the land; don’t you think it’s time America for America to overturn this unjust part of the Constitution. America must stop giving lip service to rehabilitation but  work toward true rehabilitation by paying inmates for an honest days work. For those that doubt that America is interested in rehabilitation and keeping people out of jail and prison all you have to do is look at the number of vocational and/or rehabilitation facilities for ex-offenders versus prisons built over the last decade.


Author: patriciaange

Middle child. Misunderstood. Odd. And maybe even strange. A reader, writer, thinker with a voracious appetite for the written word, spoken word and now digital word. A lifelong learner I am passionate about the study of sex, religion and relationships. No topic is taboo.

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