Impeachment is not enough; the line of Presidential Succession is a scary loaded deck

I admit to having Black Folk Paranoia #BFP and being a Conspiracy Theorist. I think that the The Manchurian Candidate is not entirely improbable. Finding 45th unfit for office is not enough. Impeachment takes time and Succession laws could mean more of the same or worse. In order to halt more #Anarchy, a very possible Second Civil War American #2CivilWarAmerica or even World War 3 #WW3 the USA would require an emergency election and a clean sweep of 45th #loadeddeck cabinet as well. This is not a case for “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” since both devils are on a fast road to more anarchy hell. The only question is which devil will get us, the former United States of America, there faster. Ignoring who/what the Preamble established as the baseline (key words) of the  Constitution; we the people, justice, domestic tranquility, doesn’t make them any less significant.

Presidential Succession: (Indiana) Mike Pence, (Wisconsin) Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, (ExxonMobil) Rex Tillerson, (OneWest Bank Nominee) Steve Mnuchin, (Retired Marine General) James Mattis, Sally Q. Yates (Obama Appointed current acting), Since it’s unlikely that the majority of 45th cabinet will not be confirmed, thus enter the line of succession, time is of the essence. Knowledge is Power


Author: patriciaange

Middle child. Misunderstood. Odd. And maybe even strange. A reader, writer, thinker with a voracious appetite for the written word, spoken word and now digital word. A lifelong learner I am passionate about the study of sex, religion and relationships. No topic is taboo.

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