The History of the Asian-African Conference | Museum of the Asian-African Conference

Colonizations in our world, especially in Asian and African Continents, have become a crucial problem since 15th Century. Although there were many countries declared their independence in 1945, especially in Asia such as Indonesia (August, 17th 1945), then Republic Democratic of Vietnam (September, 2nd 1945), Philippines (July, 4th 1946), Pakistan (August, 14th 1947), India (August, 15th1947), Burma (January, 4th 1948), Ceylon (February, 4th 1948), and People’s Republic of China (October, 1st 1949), there were many other countries who were still fighting for their independence such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, and other African Countries. Some of the Asian African Countries who had their independence still faced problems caused by the colonization. Moreover, conflict between the peoples inside the countries grew wider as the effect of devide et impera.


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