Virgin Group’s Richard Branson on universal basic income

One solution to income inequality is giving out free cash, according to the British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

“A basic income should be introduced in Europe and in America,” Branson told David Gelles of The New York Times.

Branson was responding to the question, “What do you think those in positions of power should do to address social problems like income inequality?”

In a report published in January, the global charity Oxfam found that 82 percent of the growth in global wealth in the previous year went to the top 1 percent of individuals ranked by riches. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent had no increase in their wealth, the report says.

“It’s a disgrace to see people sleeping on the streets with this material wealth all around them,” Branson said.


Can manufactured homes help the housing crisis?

Tiny houses get all the attention, but mobile homes–despite the stigma–are already a huge part of the country’s housing, and could have a bigger part to play.

From CNN: Prefab designs: Made in Asia, for Asia

Prefab designs: Made in Asia, for Asia
Whether used for low-cost homes, disaster relief or temporary lodgings, modular homes are being adapted to Asian needs.

In the 21st century, it is perhaps Asia that will benefit the most from prefabs. The continent is now home to some of the highest rates of population growth and urbanization. The Asia-Pacific region is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest prefabricated building market, with a projected growth rate of almost 6% a year between now and 2023, according to a recent report by Market Research Future.

A New ‘Lochner’ Era


A return to the serfdom system is upon us. Do not doubt that this is big business and the 1% ultimate plan.

Lochner v. New York, 198 U.S. 45 (1905), was a landmark U.S. labor law case in the US Supreme Court, holding that limits to working time violated the Fourteenth Amendment. This decision has since been overturned.

Lochner is one of the most controversial decisions in the Supreme Court’s history, giving its name to what is known as the Lochner Era. During this time, the Supreme Court issued several decisions invalidating federal and state statutes that sought to regulate working conditions during the Progressive Era and the Great Depression. This period ended with West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish(1937), in which the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of minimum wage legislation enacted by the State of Washington.

Marriage health effects: physical and mental changes – Business Insider

Researchers have identified a variety of trends that show how getting married changes people. There has historically been an idea that marriage is good for your physical and mental health, perhaps due to the idea that having a supportive partner can make a person healthier. But more recent research has revealed that the relationship between marriage, health, and well-being is more complicated, with both benefits and drawbacks.