Inside the alt-right: ‘Genocidal behind closed doors’ | USA | Al Jazeera

By now everyone in America has heard or seen evidence of the alt-right. While 45 tries to deflect news reports on the alt-right by verbally attacking the NFL, North Korea and Puerto Rico we American minorities know and acknowledge that the alt-right has been around for more than a century and that it’s membership has infiltrated local and Federal government.

The alt-right are employed in public schools, the police station, the fire departments, as doctors and nurses, as public defender, prosecutors, and judges. And now as 45.

But as we acknowledge these facts we also acknowledge that as history has indicated we are still here and thriving in spite of the alt-right.


From CNN: Air Force academy head to racists: ‘Get out’

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, the superintendent of the US Air Force Academy, made a sharp statement to cadets after racial slurs were discovered on students’ rooms.

“If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out,” he said. “If you can’t treat someone from another gender, whether that’s a man or a woman, with respect, then you need to get out. If you demean someone in any way, then you need to get out. And if you can’t treat someone from another race or with different colored skin with respect, then you need to get out.”

Seneca Village Site – The Official Website of Central Park NYC

History has a way of #Whitewashing all of the facts of any given situation. The facts as listed suggested that Central Park was constructed to benefit the wealthy white residents of the surrounding areas. Most suggest that this was about property values and it probably was but how much was also about not wanting the growing “Negro and Irish” community to continue in such close proximity to their homes. Sure they could have arranged for those particular individuals to have to move their community but the only way to permanently guarantee that no more “undesirables” move into the area was to turn the area into a place where no one could live. Now this is only a guess at motives for historical events but the powerful people of that time could have influenced politicians to work to fulfill their desires.

Education Isn’t the Key to a Good Income From

A growing body of research debunks the idea that school quality is the main determinant of economic mobility.

I have to agree. If it wasn’t for the fact that I went on to graduate school my bachelor’s degree would not have lead me to a better career. Another factor that isn’t addressed is the income of public servants.

Sure individuals with parents who didn’t finish high school or only completed high school becoming a public servant secures us more income than our parents. But overtime working as a public servant means that are earning potential is capped and we, especially single parents, being to fall into an economic limbo where we are working poor.

First Marine Woman to Graduate Grueling Infantry Officer Course |

Everywhere I go people ask me,
why when I grow I want to be a Marine.
I turn my head sharply and look them in the eye,
have you heard of the Marines who fought and died.
Somewhere in the jungle covered in blood,
a U.S.Marine is dyin’ in the mud.
He fought to keep this country free,
but like everything else freedom isn’t free.

Long denied her place in the front of violent conflict a female officer has finally earned her place in a Marine Infantry unit. May she savior the victory for the short time she has before she is assigned to an Infantry battalion. Because as any woman knows who has served in the military the hardest part is actually earning the respect of the people with whom you work day by day.

It’s looking like Colin Kaepernick won’t play in the NFL again; what happens next? – Chicago Tribune

We always knew of racism in sports. But the hidden racism has become so blatant that it’s as if professional sports especially the football league is the new plantation and the KKK or NeoNazis are the overseers/coaches controling the professional players.

 Maybe this comes from the fact that historically and currently the football league has been owned and controlled by a majority of old white men and their families who expect to be deferred to especially by all minorities and those others whom they employ. These powerful white men have historically assumed absolute power in controlling the fortune and careers of their slaves/players. These  powerful white men have now determined to ruin a black quarterback #ColinKaepernick for the audacity of thinking of more than football and sex.

Royal tomb of ancient Mayan ruler found in Guatemala –

The tomb belonged to an ancient Mayan ruler of Waka’, or El Perú, the capital city of a Classic Maya city state located in what is now the Petén region in northwestern Guatemala.